Equine Naturopathy Package


My unique Naturopathy Package aims to treat your horse on all levels – body, mind and spirit.  Over the course of 2-monthly consults, your horse will receive a personal:

  • Nutrition Plan: Set the foundations for optimal health through a perfectly balanced diet based upon your horse’s age, breed, lifestyle and work requirements.
  • Herbal Medicine Prescription: Restore your horse to optimal health using natures pharmacy and throw away those expensive pharmaceutical drugs;
  • Flower Essence Prescription: Recognise and respect your horse’s consciousness.  Rebalance your horse at the mental/emotional level to overcome behavioural issues and underlying emotional imbalances.

Energy healing is an optional extra and can be added from the Store.  Energy healing works at the level of Quantum Physics to heal the energetic anatomy of the horse and aid the process of healing.

Throughout this process, you are empowered to take control of your horse’s health by learning how to alter their rations based on energy demands, plus how to prepare and administer their personal prescriptions.  You also receive access to 1:1 email support for the entire duration of the package to help you implement your prescriptions and answer any questions as they arise.

Free Bonuses:

  • ‘Top 5 Herbs to Heal Pain and Inflammation’ eBook
  • ‘Potentially Unsafe Herbs to Avoid’ Printable
$255.00 / month


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