I am excited to announce that I will be a presenter in the 2017 Healing with Horse Telesummit! This is a FREE tele summit showcasing equine practitioners from across the globe, aimed at educating practitioners of Equine Assisted Therapies or those interested in this field.

The telesummit runs from February 15 to March 20, with over 20 presenters across more than 20 sessions.   Each presentation is free to watch for 24-hours and teach techniques and methodologies for helping people move past grief, loss, anger etc by working with horses and a human facilitator.

See the full schedule below.  Click on the name of each contributor to read their professional bio:

Wed Feb 15:  Koelle Simpson – Introducing the Equus Coaching Approach

Thurs Feb 16: Sheryl Brown – Build Your Community of Clients with Equine Meditation Circles

Fri Feb 17: Saan Ecker & Joanne Byrnes – A Buddhist Mindfulness Retreat with Studied Results

Sat Feb 18: Kesia Mai Nagata – The Rewilding Project and the Meaning of Natural

Mon Feb 20: Linda Kohanov – Emotional Heroism

Tues Feb 21: Angela Dunning – The Horse Leads the Way ~ Honoring the True Role of the Horse

Wed Feb 22: Gizelle Hamilton – Holistic Healing Through Herbs For Our Equine Partners

Thurs Feb 23: Jini Patel Thompson – Developing & Growing Your Client Base

Fri Feb 24: Natalie Allio – The Equine Assisted Practitioner’s Archetypal Journey

Sat Feb 25: Barbara Breckenfeld – Equine Massage & Bodywork

Mon Feb 27: Lynn Thomas & Mark Lytle – EAGALA: Journey of the Practice

Tues Feb 28: Alejandra Lara – Working With The Military

Wed March 1: Michelle Holling-Brooks – Developing Secure Attachments with Our Horses & Clients

Thurs March 2: Ginny Telego – The Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A) Model

Fri March 3: Diedre West – It’s All In How You Look At It: Holding Space

Sat March 4: Pam Allen LeBlanc – Energy Healing for Humans & Horses

Mon March 6: Trish Broersma – How to Build a Community-Based Program

Tues March 7: Debbie Anderson & Blair Spring McKissock – Training Programs: Where to Begin…And Where To Go From There

Wed March 8: Shelley Rosenberg – Making It A Career: Advice from a Full-Time Practitioner

Thurs March 9: Jess Campmans – Becoming That Which You Are Called to Do: A Study in Sentience

Sign-up HERE via the pop-up appears to access these FREE sessions as they are released

You can also purchase the telesummit set and handouts to keep using the same link.

I encourage you to the time to look around the site at the presenter panel and to listen to last years’ presentations, also for free.

I hope you will join me for the event.

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